Erie Beginner Teaches Web Site Creation

I was recently on the Erie Blogs website, attempting to get myself caught up with anything important I may have missed while I was gone. I came across a new blog, entitled “Creating Websites 101” created by Sue Beck. I was pleasantly surprised to find that this apparent instruction on website creation was being written by an individual who has never created a website before. A beginner teaching beginners. To me, brilliant idea. The perfect definition of user generated content!  She created the blog after requesting the assistance of David VanAmburg, a professional with the most recent blog, “Think Big Erie” on the GlobalErie network.

As an individual who is relatively experienced with the creation and terminology of websites, I may be less understood than an individual who is learning, step by step, with her readers about the creation of the website. Kudos to Sue. I have already commented on her first post, and hope that she will take me up on my offer to help her with anything within my knowledge-base.

Sue has expressed a desire for outside help- a course on website design and creation. I have only taken one course at Penn State on the subject, and would also enjoy a course on the subject. Does anybody have any resources they could share? Online tutorials- free or for a fee. Online courses, day long seminars, courses in the Erie area, and anything informative is what we’re looking for

And just a reminder, I’m always available as a reference! Feel free to email me!


3 thoughts on “Erie Beginner Teaches Web Site Creation

  1. Erica, you have a great site here. I thanked you at my blog, but let me thank you again here for your kind words. I’ll keep in touch. Sue Beck.

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