Vacation and Update!

Since I never took my mini-vacation to celebrate my speedy college graduation, I’ve decided to take a spur of the moment Florida trip. No worries, I will be back. But I just wanted to warn you that I may not be posting very often. I will have access to the internet and will attempt to stay caught up, but when you rely on dial up, you don’t know what you’re going to get, so, no promises.

I do have a project that I am currently working on, and am simply waiting for some paperwork to be cleared up. If it works out, I do plan on driving out to Panera Bread in florida a few days a week to use their free wireless and get caught up on some research for that project. So, I will be in touch.

In the meantime, I’m inviting you to browse my archives! Read past posts and please comment. Just because I asked a question a month ago does NOT mean that I am no longer interested in your thoughts and opinions! Browse. Comment. Link me.

Today is my last full time day at eBizitPA. I am currently wrapping up the Web 2.0 Presentation for Nonprofits, and I will resume working part time on this project, as well as continuing with the email marketing courses I began long, long ago.

That’s all for today. Have a wonderful weekend!


One thought on “Vacation and Update!

  1. This is a class act to notify your audience that they do not need to tune in, but come back when you come back instead. The other to do this is Heather Cass with Life and Her Times at GoErie. Smart women. Courtesy never goes outta style.

    After some time in the sun (I’ve spent the better part of a year in Florida, Erica) you will appreciate home in Erie even more.

    On Erie Media Go Round, with Jack Tirak, you commented that GoErie has no REAL Web 2.0 at all. Management folks at GoErie are bewildered at that. If you check in here, or upon your return, would you please elaborate on that comment and inform folks what Web 2.0 is versus what they think it is. There is much disinformation on the Internet about what a blog is so…you have your work cut out.

    God be with you, Erica
    Danny Lucas

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