Web 2.0 and our Participation

Throughout my research on Web 2.0, I came across a video on YouTube that is extremely informative, entertaining, and so, so true. See below:

I love this video for a few reasons. First. it’s true. The world I grew up in is so different than that of which my parents were raised. The internet and the world wide web has allowed us to create our own content in addition to accessing others. The web IS user generated content. If we see a comment on a blog, we simply comment on it to keep the dialog open. This is an extremely more difficult process if an individual is reading a book and decides they would like to write the author a letter or even an email. The author could choose to ignore the comment and never get back to the individual. However, with blogs, individuals post comments, and, not only can the author see and respond to the comment, but others’ can, as well. It forces authors and individuals and companies to be more responsible for their words and actions.

The second reason I like it is the design aspect. As an advertising student, I was always creating advertisements and images in Photoshop, as well as creating video with digital video editors (I used Adobe Premiere 6.0). I miss it. And watching something this creative and digitally put together so smoothly and sophisticated motivates me to create a similar type of video. Someday, I will.



One thought on “Web 2.0 and our Participation

  1. These paragraphs should be required reading at the Erie Times News and any other newspaper folks who just don’t get it that the world has changed.

    I have not watched the movie; however, the description of the past and the present is as lucid as any I have seen. I suspect that even the most ardent newpaper type will “get it” after reading this simplified version of what “is”.

    Well done, Erica!
    Do not be discouraged in your efforts.
    You are doing a fantastic job of getting known.
    Best regards in your career.

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