Two Wonderful Ad Club Events

I was fortunate enough to be able to attend the Erie Ad Club events last night at Presque Isle Downs and Casino, as well as this morning in the ballroom of the Avalon hotel.

Randy Snow, VP of R&RHaving attended three of the Ad Club’s events during this Erie Advertising Week, last night’s “What Happens Here, Stays Here” campaign was indeed my favorite. The speaker, Randy Snow, Vice President and Creative Director of R&R Partners, the company that created the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority “WhatR&R Partners Happens here Stays here” campaign, was entertaining and informative, offering a history of the campaign along with insider anecdotes about the creation and production of the Las Vegas advertisements.

Examples of some of the advertisements shown in this presentation can be seen below. Enjoy!

In addition to the wonderful presentation, the event was held at Presque Isle Downs and Casino, which offered those who attended $10 in promo plays on the slot machines when requesting a Players Club card. I quickly blew my $10 on 5 cent slot machines and proceeded to try my luck at the races (I did not win, but I’m happy to report that I only spent $5 on my racing bets 🙂 ).

Julie Rubin, AGTThe event this morning, Advertising Law, was also very well attended and very informative. The speaker, Julie Rubin of Astrachan Gunst Thomas, was extremely knowledgeable and gave a presentation with excellent examples of what should have never run, along with explanations and stories to go along with the ads. She also was able to answer the numerous questions that individuals offered. Some of the examples in the presentation were a little dated, and it could have used some more recent ads and cases. However, she offered some excellent resources, including documents to educate individuals on the fundamentals of copyright and trademark laws. Excellent presentation!


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