Young Professionals Moving Elsewhere?

I came across another great post in Peter Panepento’s blog on the GlobalErie Blog Network.

I went to Penn State at University Park for Advertising my freshman year. My older brother was up there that year, so I had an incredible time. The following year, he had graduated, and I began my first year in State College without him. Although I met some individuals who are now and always will be my best friends, State College was not for me. As many of you know, Penn State offers an incredible amount of majors. However, I believe some majors’ curricula suffer because of the detail and attention paid to those that Penn State specializes in. Also, the huge college in a very small town, which consisted basically of students and faculty members was also something that I grew out of quickly.

I wanted to return to Erie to finish my degree at Penn State Erie. They did not offer the Advertising Major at that branch campus. They did offer Marketing, but I had already began taking the prerequisites and required courses for the Advertising Program. So, I decided I would increase my workload and graduate in the summer. And I did. I graduated in three years, mainly so I could return to Erie.

Note: Please don’t think, for one minute, that I regretted my time at Penn State Main. It was THE experience in my life thus far. I learned so much, met so many good people, and had the time of my life. I was simply ready to move on from the education portion of my life and into my career, which I wanted to take off in Erie. Go State!

Once I began looking for jobs in Erie, individuals kept telling me that it would be difficult to find an advertising position in Erie, and that my only hope was to look for opportunities in the Chicago and New York areas. However, what they didn’t know was the mass amount of people that are involved and interested in Marketing and Advertising in the Erie area.

And there are plenty of job opportunities in this area for me, thanks to the people that have mentored me and taught me the valuable skills needed for my career. Those people that had been urging me to go elsewhere were simply thinking somewhat narrow minded: You can only get an advertising job at an advertising agency. And since most Erie ad agencies are small, I’m sure they do not regularly hire individuals for permanent, upper level positions very often. At least not to meet the demand.

However, in my experience, it is proving very difficult for me to nail an advertising or similar position in this market because most areas are looking for 3-5 years “experience,” meaning professional experience after college. This is why I decided to pursue independent consulting. There seemed to be a need for marketing and other expertise on a project by project basis. By the way, I am currently available for consulting. If you have a project and would like to know which consulting services I provide, please send me an email at

But this is the notion we feel, that there’s no opportunities in Erie. And maybe young Erieites are told this from their mentors (only because they don’t know any better), and therefore don’t look. But there ARE.


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