Happy Erie Advertising Week!

Today is the kick off of Erie Advertising Week, being celebrating my marketing and advertising professionals in the Erie Area. Tonight, the Erie Ad Club holds an event for the week’s kick off with a showing of the 2007 Cannes Advertising Winners’ Reel, held at East Erie Turners at 5pm.

If you missed this event, there are four more that are still available for you to sign up for! Tomorrow, the event entitled “Top 10 Things You’d Hear at Crispin Porter & Bogusky” is being featured in a luncheon at Brew Erie at 11:30. In this presentation, the creative group will present its business model and examples of their creative works. RSVP and learn more about this event here.

Wednesday’s event is, in my opinion, the most exciting of them all. A representative of R&R Partners will talk about the “What Happens in Vegas Stays in Vegas” Campaign, held at Presque Isle Downs and Casino at 4pm. You can RSVP for and read more about this event here.

Stay tuned, I’ll be letting you know about the remaining two events this week. Information about these and the other two events can be found at the Erie Ad Club’s Events Page. Remember, even non-members can sign up! Be sure to RSVP before the event is filled!


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