New Survey!! Email Marketing

Email Stat Center

The Email Stat Center provides statistics and research conducted by the email marketing industry and places it on their site so that all of the information is in one location. It was launched in March of this year by Brightwave Marketing, an e-marketing service provider, and the Email Experience Council, an organization driving best practices of email marketing and communications.

They are conducting a State of Email Marketing Metrics Survey. If you or your company is involved with email marketing, or are interested in it. Please fill out this survey in order to assist in the findings. I took it, and it was just a very good survey that seems as if it will output results about what others are doing, and therefore what we should be doing to keep up with our competition.

As a thank you, Email Stat Center will send you the results of the survey before it is released to the general public.

To take this Survey, Click Here

To learn more about the Email Stat Center and the founders, the eec and Brightwave marketing, visit the “About Us” Page of


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