Young Professional Turns Consultant

Although I have just recently graduated from Penn State, I possess a vast amount of experience and an extensive skill-set that allows me to complete work at the level of an individual who has much more direct work experience.

Because of this, as well as my plea for a job interview using this blog, I have received many inquiries from Erie professionals about consulting services. Far more requests for independent consulting were sent to me than were potential job interviews or positions.

Based on this, and the many different exciting opportunities that I did not want to turn down, I decided to offer my consulting services (marketing, online marketing, web design, research skills) to the Erie area instead of obtaining a typical 8-5 position.

Therefore, if any Erie professionals or entrepreneurs needs assistance with any special projects or endeavors, get in touch with me via email at My updated resume is available online here, so please feel free to take a look at it to see if my skills will be able to help your company in any way. Currently I am available anywhere from 5-25 hours a week.


resumeErica DeWolf’s Resume

EmailEmail Erica


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