A Game to Prevent DUIs?

Bl’ongSo I was browsing the web, researching for our new Web 2.0 for Nonprofits presentation we are preparing to present this October, and I came across a very interesting blog that, not only was exactly what I was looking for, but that was also very interesting: theblong: social marketing and fund raising blog. Its most recent post is that of a video showing how Frankfurt, Germany is combating its recent high drunk driving offenses. The post and video explain and illustrate the initiative.

Apparently, a taxi company has created video games that enable users to begin play as soon as the individual begins to urinate on the sensors located in the urinals. Because of the difficulty of the game (the user is playing with a stream of uncontrollable pee), the game results in the player’s car crashing in a horrific accident. The screen then asks “Too pissed to pee?” This is followed by a screen with the taxi company’s phone number on it. These games were placed in the bathrooms of bars and restaurants in Germany.

My opinion: Despite the coolness factor of this “game,” that is essentially an advertisement, I don’t see it decreasing the rate of DUIs issued in the area. Perhaps a few individuals will find it helpful, as the taxi phone number would be right in front of their faces. But because of the general desensitization of youth, a computer generated video game crash will not work well as a scare tactic. Also, I can see very intoxicated individuals trying to play with some sort of a water bottle that is streaming water. Also, as some individuals voiced on the comments page of this video on YouTube, I can see drunk individuals making a mess as they try to steer their car with their *ahem* urine.

What do you think??


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