Returning to Erie

Global Erie Blog LogoI love The Global Erie Blog, and I love this post! It really is such a shame that the younger generation of Erieers don’t decide to stay instead of going out and finding more, because a lot of the time they miss Erie and decide to come back! Don’t get me wrong, I find it incredible when Erie entrepreneurs find something beneficial and lucrative to them, even if it means moving outside of the area.

It’s just sad that they couldn’t find it here. And in most cases, it’s not their fault! They may be looking for something; they may want to stay in the area, but the job market is just not there yet…what can we do to help?


One thought on “Returning to Erie

  1. Erica I’m happy to have stumbled across this blog on my travels through the Interweb. I live and work in Erie and I’m sharing the same sentiments you are. I’m a former co-worker of the organizers and hopefully they can unite some ex-Erie-ites and get them back into town.

    I’m originally not from Erie itself but I’ve made this area my home. My town has a grand total of 2,000 residents so Erie is a huge city in comparison. However, I’ve lived and commuted in much larger areas – Erie is wayyy better than people make it out to be. Sure, it has its problems just as every city does, but it’s a wonderful place to raise a family and enjoy life at a slightly slower pace.

    Well kudos to you for getting your voice out there and yelling, “Come back to Erie!”

    Nice work.

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