iPhone “Hackers”

Apple iPhoneThe term “hacker,” in my mind, was used to describe those individuals who hack into computer systems and steal people’s identities or find some illegal way to benefit themselves. So when I heard that the iPhone hacker unlocked the iPhone so that it could be used with networks other than AT&T, I automatically thought, “Is that legal?” But after reading up on it a little bit, I realized that, although AT&T will try as it may to sue the individual who first unlocked the phone, George Hotz, and ensure that their one year contract with Apple to be the sole carrier of the iPhone is carried out, owners of their phones are allowed to unlock them if they wish, under the DMC (Digital Millennium Copyright) Act issued in November of 2006.

To me, it was only a matter of how much time would go by before something like this would happen. There’s nothing that can compare to the iPhone. No blackberry or PDA carries the capacities that the iPhone possesses. Individuals who like their own cell phone service provider and don’t want to break their contracts, I knew, would find a way to use the iPhone with Verizon or Sprint, for example.

The legal question is if hackers can sell these unlocked phones or unlocking software. What do you think?

CNBC Interview with George Hotz, iPhone Hacker

For more information, see this article

So interesting!


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