SEO Resources

As a follow up to my last post, leading you to a brief overview of eBizitPA’s search engine marketing seminar, I thought to post the link to many free online tools that may be useful in optimizing your website to be effectively found by search engines. The SEO Company offers five free web analysis tools, including a search to determine which directories your link is located in, a web site analysis tools, and several tools in order to determine the keywords that are finding your website. As a warning, some of these tools are very technical, and their output is somewhat difficult to analyze. The tool on this page I find most easy to use and understand is the Website Keyword Analysis, and the Site Stats tool, both which output valuable information. These tools can be accessed here.

Another useful free tool that can be used is SEODigger, which is designed to give you a list of search engine keywords that any given site ranks in the top 20 for on Google. This can help you determine which keywords individuals are using to find your site. This tool can be found here.

The last tool I’m going to suggest is from SEOchat, and is located here. This Keyword Suggestion tool for Google will help you choose relevant and popular terms related to your selected key term. Simply enter a key term and this tool will query information from several Google searches, which it will use to determine popular and re-occurring terms used by websites in the same industry. The introduction to this online tool ends with a warning:

WARNING: Depending on Internet traffic as well as the keyword/phrase you choose, this query may take anywhere from 10 to 30 seconds to complete. Please be patient.

10 to 30 seconds is soooo long! How do they expect us to wait ten seconds for results? Please. This is a solid example of the online space and the instant gratification we demand when requesting information.

Also, for five tips for search engine optimization, go here.


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