Update on eMarketing Content and More…

The eMarketing email marketing course that I am currently working on is coming along nicely, even though I am spending a little too much time on the layout or look and feel, where this should be established later. What’s important is that I spit the content out on paper, and “prettying it up” will be done soon. Nonetheless, with various other projects occurring, it’s hard to stay focused and productive with the curriculum writing.

Survey MonkeyAnother project I am working on is helping put together a survey for the eMarketing Needs Assessment Project. If you are an employee or owner of a PA owned business, I would GREATLY appreciate it if you would visit this link and fill out a short survey. You may even be eligible to receive a $10 gift certificate redeemable at the merchant of your choice, which will be given to the first 50 of those who fill out the survey! It will only take 5-10 minutes and will help us to establish an understanding of the current need and desire for e-marketing education. This information will then be used to help determine and help shape the curriculum for current and potential e-marketing courses that will be taught locally, in the NW PA region.

Although totally unrelated, I also would like to mention that my brother is selling his student ticket for the home Penn State vs. Notre Dame ticket held at Beaver Stadium in University Park on September 8th. If you’re interested in buying this ticket, either email David at djd231@psu.edu, or me at emd5005@psu.edu for inquiries!

That’s all for now…


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