Marketing Myself

I began college at Penn State University, Main Campus as a Freshman in August of 2004. Exactly three years later, I graduated with a four year degree in Advertising and Public Relations, with a concentration in Advertising and a GPA of 3.62. My commencement ceremony is to be held this Saturday, at University Park, PA.

In addition to my educational experience, I’ve had the opportunity to work with some wonderful people in the Marketing field, as detailed in other entries of this blog. I’m familiar with eMarketing, the CRM concept, the mySAP CRM and SAP R/3 systems, as well as various different types of software that facilitate creativity and imagination.

I’m an extremely versatile individual with interests in various fields of the market. Although rare, I possess knowledge and interest in both creative and technological sides of marketing and advertising. I am talented in writing quality, consistent pieces, whether they be press releases, reports, essays, or editorials.

I am currently an intern at EbizitPA, located at Knowledge Park in Erie Pennsylvania. Upon graduation I would like to find a job with an organization where I can stay in the area in order to help with the growth and profitability of Northwest Pennsylvania. I am happy to provide a resume and/or cover letter upon request.

Erica DeWolf


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