Email Marketing and beyond…

Well, another week of developing, rewriting, rewording, and revamping email marketing content for the course is upon me. And I’m as busy as ever. Pair it with the slow process of collecting RSVP’s for the eMarketing SIG event on July 31st, and I usually don’t know where to turn when I come into the office every day. Things are going very well, however. The first course for the eMarketing Learning Center should be 100% complete, pending Cathy’s revisions, recommendations and approval, on July 31st of this month. It will also be very interactive, complete with examples, case studies, exercises, and activities that will allow participants to become familiar and comfortable with the content. This class is the Introduction to Email Marketing course, aimed at business professionals and interested entrepreneurs who would like to begin to launch email marketing campaigns. The second course I will begin working on in August, and will be the follow up to the first course: A hands on Email Marketing Tools and Analytics course, it should be even more interactive with the first, allowing participant to get first hand experience with email marketing campaign tools. Stay tuned for more updates about these courses, and when they will be available for professionals!


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