The Creation

I originally created this blog after I was asked to create one for the new eMarketing SIG that I am helping my boss, Catherine von Birgelen, to organize and get started. We are both very excited about making NWPA companies and organizations aware of all of the options they have in today’s marketing world. Email marketing, podcasts, search marketing, and even blogs such as these can be an extremely powerful tool to help get an organization noticed in the clutter of the market today.

I’ve currently been researching email marketing, as I’m putting together material for a course that will be a part of our future eMarketing Learning Center. Although I am young, and considered myself to be pretty “with” the new technologies, I was surprised how much I did not know about the new marketing field. I began to pay attention to the advertisements that got into my inbox–the ones that I requested but never thought to really read. Many of them offered discounts for shopping with them. For example, free shipping or 10% off of a purchase. I began to look at the spam that got filtered into my bulk folder, and realized I could eliminate a lot of them by simply unsubscribing to the mailing lists I had added myself to years ago.

Make sure to check back for more of my observations, for I’ll be posting any important or interesting facts or topics about electronic marketing on my blog as I come across it. If you would like to learn more about me, read More About Me.


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